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Carrier Bag and Car Seat Bottom Dimensions:
15.7*9.8 Inches
13.7 Inches (High Sides)

✅ Soft and Warm Cotton Fabric
✅ Zippered Washable Pillow Cover
✅ Hard and Thick Sole, helps to keep form and Safe for Pets
✅ Healthy, Comfortable, and Soft with Silicone Fiber.
✅ Carrier Bag Safety, Matching Color and Pattern with the Main Fabric
✅ Dog Poop Pack Bag, Matching Color and Pattern with the Main Fabric
✅ The front side of the seat is foldable with a connection.
✅ An adjustable, Strong Safety Belt that covers the car seat.
✅ Safety connection between Dog collar and Carrier Bag
✅ Up to 6kg can be carried.

The official information for a shipment that Cargo Company provides us is 11-14 days.
According to the Pandemic situation in the world, the shipping duration can be 4 weeks due to the customs process.
We ship the orders in 3-5 business days and share all shipment progress, steps with you.

Please do not hesitate to contact me about any issues and concerns about products.

Handmade Blue Dog Carrier Bag

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